Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How to Social (re) Engineer Society...."We're all equal AND accepted now"

How to Social Engineer an ISM.....you first make us all agree to be "equal." 

 A trick bag is a suckers play....with this conceptual instilled into our culture > politics > we're toast.
Whether its assigning priority over one race or another; one sex over another; one gender preference over another, its all the same.

When you alter the equilibrium of life by not allowing LIBERTY and Justice for all, can anything ever BE what it should be.

Those who have adopted an ISM now preclude Mr. You and I NORMAL.  
In fact will happen has already happened. 

When we particularize one over another instead of the bigger whole of US...all of US, distinguished by two arms, two legs, Man / Woman. 

 Thus you now have enabled and motivated them to participate in Government...now that they are accepted....then once they are in Government....you can take it from there...

We have taken the bait, death by a thousand paper cuts, the frog in the pot, pick your analogy but this is how the Marxist plan to displace from within....
what we the people have seen as normal.. 

The logical progression of thought to those who have the foresight to see the equation it is obvious....the EXCEPTION to the RULE will BE ruling....out of the kindness of our hearts....Suckers be us!

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